No. McDonald’s doesn’t have all day breakfast since March 2020. Currently, Breakfasts are not served past 11:00 AM. So, if you are planning to get yourself a tantalizing McDonald’s breakfast, make sure you do so early enough before 11 AM.

Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day

No, McDonald’s currently doesn’t have all day breakfast. The McDonald’s all-day breakfast was in existence from 2015. However, with the onset of the Covid pandemic, they temporarily halted the all day breakfast menu from March 2020.

In a comment by the McDonald’s Corporation, they stated that they had to quit the all day breakfast to achieve more efficiency and reduce the waiting time for customers before they get served.

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does mcdonalds have all day breakfast

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

McDonald’s all day breakfast is something that customers had been waiting for and hoping that it would come into place. In July 2007, two users took to Twitter to comment on how the lack of the McDonald’s all-day breakfast was disadvantageous as it limited them.

The tweet laid a foundation for the all day breakfast, especially in 2014 when rumors that McDonald’s was considering extending the breakfast hours started spreading. Later in 2015, McDonald’s changed their CEO to Easterbrook, who expressed great desire to make significant changes in the Corporation.

True to his world, the first all day breakfast test was rolled out in San Diego. In August 2015, McDonald’s franchisees voted in approving the all-day breakfast. McDonald’s officially broke the news that the all-day breakfast would start formally from October 6th, 2015.

All day-breakfast served customers well until 2020. However, McDonald’s released the news that it would halt all its all-day breakfast starting from March 2020 in what they termed as a move to enhance their efficiency by simplifying their kitchen operations.

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Menu

ItemPrice USD ($)Calories
Big Mac$3.99 550 cal.
Cheeseburger$1.29 300 cal.
Hamburger$2.49 250 cal.
Double Hamburger$1.89 340 cal.
McDouble$1.99 380 cal.
Bacon McDouble$2.00 460 cal.
Daily Double $2.39 490 cal.
Filet O fish$3.79 380 cal.
McChicken$1.79 400 cal.
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$3.79 470 cal.
Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich$4.89 530 cal.
McNuggets (4pc)$1.79 170 cal.
McNuggets (6pc)$2.00 250 cal.
McNuggets (10pc)$4.79 420 cal.
French fries (small)$1.39 170 cal.
Bacon Egg Cheese biscuit$3.29 450 cal.
Sausage Egg cheese biscuit$3.99 530 cal.
Sausage biscuit$1.00 460 cal.
Egg biscuit$1.69 340 cal.
Biscuit$1.29 270 cal.
Egg McMuffin$2.79 300 cal.
Sausage Egg McMuffin$2.99 480 cal.
Sausage McMuffin$2.00 400 cal.
Sausage Burrito$1.39 300 cal.
Bacon Egg Cheese McGriddle$4.19 550 cal.
Hotcake (3)$2.49 590 cal.
Milk$1.00 100 cal.
Sausage$1.39 190 cal.
Scrambled eggs$1.80 140 cal.
Chocolate shake (Small)$2.79 520 cal.
Strawberry shake (small)$2.79 530 cal.
Vanilla shake (small)$2.79 510 cal.
Shamrock shake (small)$2.79 460 cal.
Hot Tea -senior$0.89 0 cal.
Chicken pack$18.99 3710 cal.
Apple slices$0.79 15 cal.
13 Cookie$4.99 2210 cal.
McRib$4.29 520 cal.
Hot and Spicy McChicken$2.19 400 cal.
Steak Egg cheese Bagel$5.19 640 cal.
Big breakfast$3.79 750 cal.
Hotcake and Sausage$4.59 780 cal.
Hash Browns$1.89 150 cal.
Vanilla cone$1.29 200 cal.

Pros Of McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

  • It offered flexibility to customers
  • Enormous sales for the company
  • Discounted Offers
  • Versatile food combination
  • Customer satisfaction

It offered flexibility to customers

The all-day breakfast involved serving all the breakfast items any time of the day, unlike where the McDonald’s breakfast hour menu was only available till 11:00 AM.

Not all people have the same routines, and for those that don’t have a tight morning schedule, having the chance to take your breakfast meal at the McDonald’s restaurant next to you at any time of the day offered customers flexibility.

People were not restricted on what hours to stop by for a meal, and whether you chose to take the breakfast items at lunch hour, the all-day breakfast ensured you could get your breakfast meal at any time of the day.

Enormous sales for the company

For McDonald’s Corporation, the introduction of the all-day breakfast came as a boost to their productivity and profitability. The company registered some of the highest sales of its lifetime as demands for breakfast meals surged up during the morning hours and throughout the entire day.

According to an article by CNN, the sales of McDonald’s, thanks to all-day breakfast, rose by 5% for the same store, recording a new high for their financial year.

Discounted Offers

The McDonald’s all-day breakfast came with goodies for its customers. In an effort to increase production while maintaining a good pool of customers, the Corporation discounted some of its items, such as the McCafe drinks to $2 and soft drinks to $1.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting items at a discounted price, especially at your favorite restaurant? The move attracted more traffic to their stores, consequentially aiding in the large sales that the Corporation recorded during the period.

Versatile food combination

The all-day breakfast allowed customers to take any breakfast meal at any time. The good thing with that was that customers could combine breakfast meals with other meals, like lunch meals. The new menu allowed people to “enjoy a breakfast sandwich paired with an order of World-Famous Fries after 10:30 AM.”

This flexibility to combine breakfast meals with other meals was something that people longed to do. Some customers enjoyed McDonald’s breakfast menu compared to the other meals. Giving them the flexibility to pair their favorite breakfast meals with other meals was one of the best things.

Customer Satisfaction

McDonald’s CEO Easterbrook was focused on ensuring customers were satisfied with what they offered, and their interests were served alongside their meals.

By giving customers the freedom to take their preferred meals anytime, Macky D’s wooed new customers. By satisfying their needs, most customers took their regular meals with an add-on of a breakfast meal.

In a post, a customer commented that the all-day breakfast met her needs as, for one, she didn’t have to get up early to catch the breakfast hours.

Secondly, a breakfast meal could easily satisfy her at a cheaper cost than dinner or lunch meals, a case of a satisfied customer.

Cons Of McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

  • Overworking of Staffs
  • Mixed ingredients and cooking items
  • Increased serving delays

Overworking of Staffs

As a corporation, the main aim of the McDonald’s all-day breakfast was to ensure all breakfast meals were available 24 hours. However, from a survey conducted by Nomura, most workers complained about how the program change created more workload for them in the kitchen.

Workers also complained how maintaining the orders for breakfast meals at all times was causing chaos in the kitchen, especially in the other peak hours like lunchtime. One employee went ahead to conclude that the program led to crew turnover resulting from the frustration, which killed their morale.

Mixed ingredients and cooking items

One of the employees working in one of the McDonald’s stores commented that the kitchen becomes chaotic due to the influx of orders to the extent that, at times, cleaning one utensil to use to cook for another meal becomes hectic. Some workers become lazy to clean and use one item for cooking different meals.

The mix-up of ingredients is highly likely due to the workers not being able to handle the pressure to meet the rising demands. In a Reddit discussion, one customer commented on how he consumed cheeseburger, but from its taste, it was made with a McMuffin patty, a case of a mix-up.

Increased serving delays

All-day breakfast allowed for customers to order breakfast meals during other meal times. Unlike when only specific meals were served during other times, like lunch meals, customers had the freedom to order any meal of their choice.

The result was an increase in the number of orders overwhelming the waiters and waitresses and eventually affecting the serving rate. Customers had to wait a little longer before they could receive their meals. Not everyone enjoys getting delayed, especially when waiting for a sweet meal, and these delays were irritating most customers who previously were used to their orders getting served sooner.

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast FAQ

To Sum Up

McDonald’s doesn’t have all day breakfast now since March 2020. All day breakfast was affecting their efficiency and caused chaos in their kitchen. As a fast-food restaurant, they needed to streamline the process and stopped serving McDonald’s all day breakfast.

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