McDonald’s secret menu is the menu within the menu. Some innovative foodies modified the plain menu to come up with something that will meet all their taste and nutrients’ requirements in one sitting. Then, they bribed the employees with sweet words, and their modified orders were served.

It is secret because McDonald’s management has not acknowledged it yet. You’d want to be extra nice to the employee if you wanna be served with items on the secret menu.

Sometimes we look at the menu and think, “oh, wish I could have this with that. Too bad, it’s not on the menu.” You are not alone. Most of us have been in the same shoes and stuck there, while others dared to go ahead and create The Secret Menu. But what is this Secret menu anyway, and why is it a secret?

Menu ItemImageHow to OrderPrice USD ($)Calories
Big McChickenMcDonald's Big McChickenAsk for 3 Chickens and a Big Mac or McDouble$6.99 when ordered with Big Mac $4.00 when ordered with McDouble810 cal. when served with Big Mac 720 cal. when served with McDouble
McBrunch BuggerMcDonald's McBrunch BuggerAsk for round egg McMuffin, hash browns, and Cheeseburger. If you are a jalapeno fan, add it to your order. If you are lucky to find a customer who knows it, just ask for McBrunch Burger, and it will be served$4.88 if you order a normal Cheeseburger $5.57 with a Double Cheeseburger702 cal. with a single Cheeseburger
Orange CreamsicleMcDoanld's Orange CreamsicleOrder Vanilla soft serve and orange Fanta$3.00586 cal.
The Monster MacMcDonald's The Monster MacAsk for a Big Mac and 8 beef patties, or even better, have cheese in your Big Mac$11.001300 cal.
McGangBangMcDonald's McGangBangAsk for a McDouble with McChicken$2.68560 cal.
Grilled CheeseMcDonald's Grilled CheeseAsk for cheese in a grilled Hamburger bun, make sure its grilled$2.00250 cal.
Land, Sea, and Air BurgerMcDonald's Land, Sea, and Air BurgerAsk for a McChicken, Filet-o-Fish, and Cheeseburger.$6.08703 cal.
Surf and Turf BurgerSurf and Turf BurgerIf you ask for McSurf ‘n’ Turf, most servers will know. If not, you can ask for McBurger supreme and Filet-o-Fish. Remember to ask them to use mayos instead of tartar sauce$3.01670 cal.
All Americanmcdonald's All AmericanJust asking for McDonald’s All American should be enough. If the attendant has no clue, you can go ahead and order a beef hamburger with pickles and ketchup$2.50350 cal.
Chicken McGriddlemcdonald's Chicken McGriddleGo ahead and ask for a chicken McGriddle, most servers will know. If that doesn’t work, you can ask for a chicken patty in between two McGriddle cakes$2.39390 cal.
Spam and Egg McMuffinmcdonald's Chicken McGriddleAsk for an Egg McMuffin, but ask them to remove the Canadian bacon and substitute it with Spam$2.79421 cal.
Root Beer Floatmcdonald's Root Beer FloatAsking for a root beer float should work. If it doesn’t, just tell the waiter to add vanilla ice cream to the root beer, or coke$1.99398 cal.
Ice Cream Sandwichmcdonald's Ice Cream SandwichVanilla soft-serve cone (or any other ice cream) and 3 pc chocolate cookies$2.00370 cal.
HashBrown McMuffinMcDonald's HashBrown McMuffinAsk for a McMuffin and Hash Brown from the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu$3.88447 cal.
Apple Pie McFlurrymcdonalds Apple Pie McFlurryOrder a McFlurry and apple pie. Make it 2 apple pies, and they should be enough for you. If they still aren't, we won't limit you$2.78 ($3.77 if served with 2 apple pies)800 cal.
Big Mac Sauce FriesMcDonalds Fries with Big Mac SauceFries and Big Mac Sauce (the sauce should be free, or only 20 cents)$1.39250 cal.
Caramel Apple Sundaemcdonald's Caramel Apple SundaeCaramel Sundae with some nuts and an apple$2.00342 cal.
SaiminMcDonalds SaiminShout out the name if you can, Saimin! They know it and there are no ifs$4.99240 cal.
Big Mac’ n’ CheeseBig Mac’ n’ CheeseAsk for an American Cheese and a Big Mac without the meat patties$5.69770 cal.
McCrepemcdonald's McCrepePancake or hotcakes and parfait. Make sure the parfait is served with granola$3.39370 cal.
McKinley Macmcdonald's McKinley MacJust order McKinley Mac. The man behind the counter should know it exists. If it doesn’t work, order a Big Mac with extra quarter-pound patties$5.70600 cal.
Neapolitan Shakemcdonald's Neapolitan ShakeOrder a chocolate shake, Strawberry shake, and Vanilla shake. All should be of the same quantity$3.00520 cal.
Biscuits and Gravymcdonald's Biscuits and GravyJust order it by its name; Biscuits and gravy. The man behind the counter will tell you if you are in luck or not$2.89470 cal.
Strawberry Eggnog Shakemcdonald's Strawberry Eggnog ShakeNicely ask the waiter to blend Strawberry and Eggnog shake according to your desires. It will be done, provided the restaurant is not flooding with customers$2.49600 cal.
McLeprechaun Shakemcdonald's Strawberry Eggnog ShakeNicely ask the waiter to mix Shamrock and Chocolate shakes in a 50/50 ratio for you. If that won’t work, you can just order the 2 shakes and mix them yourself. What’s there to lose?$2.30 for the small one. You can make it bigger for $3.10660 cal.

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mcdonalds secret menu

McDonald’s Secret Menu

McDonald’s secret menu was dated almost a decade ago. The exact date when the first McDonald’s secret menu was formed remains unknown. Who can we blame when the management did not officially acknowledge it?

As restaurants’ management is trying to come up with better, healthier, and competitive recipes, customers are busy modifying what is there to meet their needs.

Secret menu items develop popularity over time. Look at the McGangBang, for instance. Back in 2014, only a few knew of its existence. It was there but with a small fanbase. Today, it’s gained popularity and is sure to be ranked among the top-secret menu list at McDonald’s.

It takes the combined efforts of the fans and the greatness of the menu to make it famous. Well, this is typically what happens with anything else in life.

The management has not officially recognized these secret menu items (that’s why they are a secret anyway), but they encourage their customers to be creative when giving orders.

When you order that Monster Mac take away, share it with a friend, take a snap and share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, or wherever you see fit, you will increase your following while you increase the publicity of the secret items.

Oh Yes! The monster mac is enough for both you and your friend. I’ll prove it to you, but before that, let’s get to know the McDonald’s secret menu items.

  • Big McChicken
  • McBrunch Bugger
  • Orange Creamsicle
  • The Monster Mac
  • McGangBang
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Land, Sea, and Air Burger
  • Surf and Turf Burger
  • All American
  • Chicken McGriddle
  • Spam and Egg McMuffin
  • Root Beer Float
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • HashBrown McMuffin
  • Apple Pie McFlurry
  • Big Mac Sauce Fries
  • Caramel Apple Sundae
  • Saimin
  • Big Mac’ n’ Cheese
  • McCrepe
  • McKinley Mac
  • Neapolitan Shake
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • Strawberry Eggnog Shake
  • McLeprechaun Shake

There are so many items on the secret menu; someone somewhere is creating some today. So let’s see what is there as of today.

Big McChicken

McChicken and Big Mac lovers, where are you? Is one Big Mac not enough? Why not then upgrade Big Mac to Big McChicken? This will definitely suffice, I promise. Wonder what this delicious meal is?

McDonald's Big McChicken

Just order 3 Chickens and a Big Mac to make Big McChicken. Substitute the buns in the Big Mac with the 3 Chicken patties, and voila, you are good to go.

If Big Mac won’t do for you, order McDouble instead. The process may be messy, but the meal. Go have it, and you’ll know. The best meal to snap a photo and share with friends. What’s more, it costs less.

Don’t rush in there before knowing what time does McDonald’s serve lunch.

McBrunch Bugger

If you’ve not heard of McBrunch Bugger, then you’ve heard of Mc 10:35, right? If not, now you’ll know it. McBrunch Bugger is what some call Mc 10:35.

10:35 because this secret menu item could only be found between 10:30 am, and 11:00 am.

McDonald's McBrunch Bugger

Why is that? You’ll need some breakfast items to make this super tasty meal.

What are those?

You’ll find a Cheeseburger, hash brown, and Egg McMuffin on the McDonald’s Menu. Order them and assemble them yourself. Trust me. You’ll love it more if you DIY.

You are allowed to use a double Cheeseburger also. It may be challenging to fit in your palm, but fans love it, so will you.

Check out what time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast before wasting the trip.

Orange Creamsicle

This desert item has a good fanbase. Just the sound of it is salivating. But how is it made?

Order vanilla soft serve and Fanta. Or you can just order the soft serve and get the Fanta at the Coca-cola Freestyle machine yourself if your McDonald’s has it.

McDoanld's Orange Creamsicle

You then mix the Fanta and the Vanilla, and there you have it, a secret menu of your own making. Orange Fanta will give you the best test and color.

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The Monster Mac

This is the best option for those who enjoy their meals with lots of meat. Be warned; you won’t finish monster mac alone, not unless you are seriously super hungry.

Well, we don’t call it Moster, for name’s sake. This secret menu item has a whooping 8 patties! Eight! Wonder how you’ll finish that alone. And yes, it will cost you more.

McDonald's The Monster Mac

Some servants will know when you say, Monster Mac. For those who don’t, just order the normal Big Mac plus 8 beef patties, fill the 8 patties between the big mac, and there you have it, the Monster Mac. With this monster mac insight, the big mac is big no more.

You’ll want to share this with your friends. If you are not up to test yourself, that is. Remember, a drink will help to smoothly wash it down. Have a big one with you.

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Not the best name to give a meal, you may say. Let’s not judge by the cover but look inside to unlock the secret behind this secret menu. Guess what! This is one of the most famous secret menu items.

Ever tasted McDouble and McChicken? What is the feeling? Imagine having a combo of the two? If that isn’t just great, what is?

McDonald's McGangBang

I hope you already got it. Just order McDouble and McChicken, both from the dollar menu, combine the two, and you’ll have it, a McGangBang. The best cheapest meal you can dream of. Just $2 to $3 bucks.

Have you tried McDonald’s BTS meal? Here’s what you are missing.

Grilled Cheese

Vegetarians didn’t disappoint when they came up with grilled cheese. It has proven its worth. The best secret menu for you if you are a vegetarian.

To make it, you’ll need cheese and a grilled hamburger bun. Cheese is sandwiched between the grilled Hamburger bun, and the taste is just excellent.

McDonald's Grilled Cheese

You can just order some grilled cheese sandwich, and any servant in the know will know. If it doesn’t work, you know what you’ll need.

Read on what time does burger king stop serving breakfast before rushing.

Land, Sea, and Air Burger

Filet-o-Fish lovers, we haven’t forgotten you! Some of you fans came up with this exciting term, Land, Sea, and Air Burger, which is symbolic of it. Land for cheese, sea for fish, and air for chicken. Now you can guess what to order, right?

McDonald's Land, Sea, and Air Burger

You’ll need a McChicken, Filet-o-Fish, and a cheeseburger. Place the Filet-o-Fish and the McChicken in the Cheeseburger. You can then add some buns, and the secret menu will be complete.

Not only delicious but is also enough to suffice the hungry you. Of course, you’ll need some drink near you to wash it down.

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Surf and Turf Burger

Another secret menu for you, a Filet-o-Fish lover, is Surf’ n’ Turf burger. Though not so famous, this secret menu is far better than the Filet-o-Fish sandwich. This meal has been in the shadows for years, and any employee with years of experience should know it by its name.

Surf and Turf Burger

Surf’ n’ Turf Burger has a Filet-o-Fish patty sandwiched in a supreme Burger. Lettuce, cheese, and onions are added to the fish patty. What’s more, mayos sauce is used instead of tartar sauce.

The servant should be able to assemble this burger for you. Unlike the Big Mac, this burger should remain intact as you work on it till the last bite.

If you are craving fish, but a Filet-o-Fish sandwich won’t do, this is one of the best options customized for you. Don’t forget there’s Air, Sea, and Land on the secret menu also.

All American

Hey, this is not a movie series but a secret menu at McDonald’s. It’s also very popular, though not popular enough to be on top of the list. McDonald’s All American is at its best if taken as a snack. However, you can have it any way you see fit.

mcdonald's All American

To make this meal, a beef patty is filled with pickles and ketchup and then sandwiched in a hamburger bun. Lots of protein but less fat, you may say.

If you are tired of too much fat in your meals, you can capitalize on All American. It also has low calories. If you want to lose weight, you now know what secret menu to order, right?

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Chicken McGriddle

Chicken McGriddle is one of the most famous items on the secret menu list. It’s so famous that some restaurants have it on their menu. Yes, Most McDonald’s restaurants have it on their menu. Still, it started as a secret menu.

mcdonald's Chicken McGriddle

This delicious meal is composed of two McGriddle cakes with a Chicken patty in the middle. Yes, you can have them add some cheese and your favorite sauce on it.

The taste is just amazing. Well, if you are undecided about what to have for breakfast, you can give Chicken McGriddle a try. It won’t disappoint.

The crispy chicken patty and the savory McGriddle cakes will make the best breakfast if you are in a rush. Not so big for your mouth and enough for your breakfast.

Spam and Egg McMuffin

Ever heard of, ‘in Hawaii morning, noon, and night it’s all spam?’ Hawaiian loved this meal for ages, they still do. Most of them love having it besides the Asian food that is flooding their food market.

mcdonald's Spam and Egg McMuffin

Well, if you are in Hawaii and you find spam enjoyable, you’ll fall in love with Spam and Egg McMuffin, a secret menu in most McDonald’s in Hawaii.

To make it, there’s not much hassle. They will replace the Canadian bacon in the Egg McMuffin with Spam. They will ad some cheese and butter to give you the best Hawaiian breakfast.

Spam is just processed ham mixed with ground pork. Preservatives and additives are added to the mixture, the today’s norm of manufacturing of food.

This is a secret menu you’ll find in McDonald’s restaurants in Hawaii only. There’s also Saimin from Hawaii. Kudos Hawaiian. Why not give this secret menu a shot anytime you are in Hawaii and are craving McDonald’s meals? Be sure to share your experience.

Root Beer Float

The name alone is enough to unravel the secret behind this secret menu, my bad. The secret ingredients to this secret menu desert are root beer and vanilla ice cream.

mcdonald's Root Beer Float

You pour vanilla ice cream into the root coke, and I think you can DIY if you don’t want to trouble anybody, the waiter can also do it for you if you ask nicely. Most Root Beer Float fans find it the best dessert ever.

If you are no fan of root beer, or the McDonald’s stock of it has run out, or they don’t have it on their menu, you can go for a coke. It will still taste great. You can make it greater by ordering some french fries to go with it.

Ice Cream Sandwich

This is another DIY secret menu item. You will find everything you need at the counter, but the waiter may not be able to assemble it for you, especially if the restaurant is jammed. Let’s dive into what you’ll need.

mcdonald's Ice Cream Sandwich

You’ll need ice cream (any brand will do) and chocolate cookies; just 2 of them are enough, the third one is a bonus. Place the ice cream between the cookies to make the Ice Cream Sandwich and eat the cone, or just get rid of it.

You’ll want to be careful with the way you handle it. It can blow off any time you take a bite. However messy this may look, the sandwich is surely refreshing and crunchy. Something to look forward to.

HashBrown McMuffin

Breakfast again! Since you’ll have breakfast every day, the secret menu has you covered with different dishes. Here is another delicious one for you, Hash Browns McMuffin. Yes, you heard it right, Hash brown McMuffin. Not just a Hash Brown or McMuffin anymore.

McDonald's HashBrown McMuffin

To make this delicious meal, place the Hash brows between the McMuffin. Yes, you can just add it to that egg McMuffin and have all tastes breakfast can offer in a single bite. The waiter may or may not do it for you. Better know how to do it yourself. It’s this simple, and you’ll love it. Have a coke near you to smoothly wash it down.

Apple Pie McFlurry

If you think McFlurry is good, then you’ll fall in love with Apple pie McFlurry; if not, then taste this to discover more. This meal is also among the famous secret menu items. Many love it. What about you?

mcdonalds Apple Pie McFlurry

You’ll only need apple pie from the $1 McDonald’s menu and McFlurry. To make Apple Pie McFlurry, wait for the apple pie to cool down and blend it in your McFlurry. If you ask nicely, the waiter may blend it for you.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to do it yourself. You’ll need a fork if you don’t want your hands dirty. Be sure to order enough apple pie, 2 should be enough. A single one may be washed down before you know it, leaving you with McFlurry.

Big Mac Sauce Fries

Before you get wilder thoughts, no, big mac is not part of this secret menu. Not the Big Mac burger anyway. It’s the Big Mac sauce that we’re referring to. Have you tasted it? Sure, it’s great.

McDonalds Fries with Big Mac Sauce

Making this secret menu is not hard at all. You’ll only need the French fries (or any brand you prefer) and the big mac sauce. Dip the fries in the sauce as you have your bites.

You won’t stop until there are no more fries left. That’s how good this combination is. Have a drink with you to slow you down. If you’re slimming, this should be the best fit as it is low on calories.

Caramel Apple Sundae

This secret menu was come up with to increase the sales of caramel sundae. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. It still didn’t have enough fans, and the stock went bad over and over again. Back in 2018, McDonald’s removed caramel sundae from their menu. You can no longer have it at McDonald’s.

mcdonald's Caramel Apple Sundae

Don’t lose hope yet. Since McDonald’s is a franchise, maybe, just maybe, your nearest restaurant still has it. So, let’s dive in and see how you can have it.

You’ve probably tasted an apple, Caramel Apple Sundae takes it to another level. What’s more, you can use a fresh apple in this Secret menu.

To make it, you need to add chunks of apples to your caramel sundae and mix till they blend. If you ask nicely and the restaurant is not a beehive, any waiter can do it for you. If not, what’s so hard there? Just be careful not to chop your finger while slicing that fresh apple of yours.


Hawaiian spam didn’t do the trick? Here is another secret menu from Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii only. Be sure to taste it if you visit there, and if you already are there, the secret is out. Ooops, sorry, it’s not a secret to Hawaiians. Just go and have it if you haven’t already.

McDonalds Saimin

Saimin, not a sandwich and the no patties involved, but Saimin. Still a vocabulary to you? It’s soup! Not just any soup, but a soup that is rooted in Hawaiian history. It’s been there in Hawaii for ages and has become one of their traditional meals. McDonald’s has the habit of adding some local meals to their menu, Saimin is one of them when you visit Hawaiian McDonald’s.

Big Mac’ n’ Cheese

Talk of irresistible meals for vegetarians, or should I say, for everybody. Even meatarians go for veggies sometimes, right? Are you still wondering why I say this meal is for vegetarians when there’s “Big Mac” on it? To make this meal, we only need Big Mac buns and sauce, no beef patty.

Big Mac’ n’ Cheese

Take an American Cheese and add lettuce, pickles, sliced onions, and the mac sauce on it. Then stack it in the big mac buns, and you know what? You just made a secret menu yourself. Not just any secret menu, but a Big Mac’ n’ Cheese secret menu. Even its name sounds delicious.


Normal breakfast tiring you down? The McSecret menu brings you McCrepe, another sweet breakfast substitute that is sure to suffice.

mcdonald's McCrepe

To make this delicious breakfast, you’ll need pancakes, parfait (McDonald’s serves it with granola), and some syrup. Fold the pancake to make a fruit bag. Then add the parfait with granola in it and top it all with some syrup. Do this, and you’ll have McCree, one of the famous breakfast secret menus. I doubt if they assemble it for you, you’ll just have to do it yourself(DIY). It’s just as easy as has been said.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, most McDonald’s restaurants have removed parfait from their menu. If your McDonald’s still offers it, the better experience the McCrepe while the stock still lasts.

McKinley Mac

Here is a protein-filled secret menu for you. Just the mention of protein-filled should be enough for you to know how famous it is. People love proteins; even better, they love meals enriched with proteins. There’s a good reason; these meals are always delicious. Name one meal enriched with protein that is not? If there is, let’s just blame the chef. No offense, chefs.

mcdonald's McKinley Mac

To make McKinley Mac, add meat patties( not the normal ones, but bigger ones, call them quarter-pound patties if you like, make it 2 patties) to your Big Mac. You’ll definitely need more cheese and Big Mac sauce to top it up. Be sure to order a coke if you see fit. It will help you wash everything down.

Neapolitan Shake

How do you like your ice cream? Introducing to you Neapolitan Shake. If you don’t know, it doesn’t mean you’ve not tasted it. Maybe you did but didn’t know what to call it, or even better, came up with your name. Here is how we make it.

mcdonald's Neapolitan Shake

Add equal amounts of Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla shakes. Mix this combo to blend. You don’t need a blender, but you can still use it if you are doing this at home. Otherwise, just do it old school.

This secret menu has a strong fanbase. We are sure you, too, will fall for it.

Biscuits and Gravy

This is the best menu to ask for if you happen to visit the south. You will find it in most McDonald’s in the south. Too bad it’s only in the south; even worse, not all McDonald’s there have it. Only an emoji can show my disappointment.

mcdonald's Biscuits and Gravy

But for those in the south, this secret menu is simple to make. You only need some McDonald’s sausage gravy and McDonald’s biscuits. Just have the McDonald’s; it doesn’t pain. Let’s see how we can make this delicious breakfast secret menu.

Pour the sausage gravy all over the biscuits. For the best taste, make sure the biscuits are all covered with gravy. Just leave where you’ll hold it from if you don’t want your hands dirty. Just as simple as that, and you have your secret menu.

Strawberry Eggnog Shake

When we talk of McDonald’s seasonal secret menu, Strawberry Eggnog Shake is the deal. If you are an Eggnog fan, you know that McDonald’s serves it during December holidays only. If you don’t love its taste, try out Strawberry Eggnog Shake in summer. You’ll love it. It tastes deliciously different from just an Eggnog shake.

mcdonald's Strawberry Eggnog Shake

To make it, mix strawberry shake and Eggnog shake. Have them mixed in equal amounts. The good news is, you can also favor the brand you love most and make it more. It’s your dessert. Who is to judge you? If you are an Eggnog fan and its time is here, why not be creative and try this secret menu. It’s customized just to make your experience better.

McLeprechaun Shake

Here is another seasonal secret menu item. You’ll need a shamrock shake to make it. Shamrock shake is available in February and March. In 2021, it came back as early as 15th Feb till middle March. McLeprechaun Shake requires this ‘elusive’ Shamrock shake to make it. Here is how.

mcdonald's McLeprechaun Shake

Mix Chocolate shake and Shamrock shake in a 50/50 ratio. You can have it in any ratio you want, but 50/50 is for the best taste. Just imagine chocolate and Shamrock mixed to give you a single desert! How delicious that sounds! We’re already salivating. Too bad we can only have it during the Feb – March short window. This is the best option if you can’t cope with the high calories in the Shamrock shake.

Image Credit: Hackthemenu.

How To Order McDonald’s Secret Menu

Before ordering anything on the secret menu, say something nice to the man behind the counter. The secret menu is not officially recognized, and so the man behind the counter has to go the extra mile to satisfy your order.

It’s probably wise not to order Secret menu items when customers are flooding the restaurant.

If your secret menu order is famous, you can go ahead and give out the name. Just saying McBrunch Burger should be enough if the attendant knows it. If not, you’d want to specify what your order is made of.

Why Should You Order McDonald’s Secret Menu

Wanna know the secret to why most dudes in the know opt for the McSecret menu? Here are 5 reasons why you should order from the secret menu.

  • You can have what you want, not what they want you to. Their menu lists what the management thinks you should have. The secret menu has what customers, like you, want to have.
  • The secret menu items are delicious. The reason they’ve stood the test of time is that one bite is all it takes, and someone falls in love with them.
  • Some meals on the secret menu are cheaper. If you think the Big Mac costs a lot, you can go for the poor man’s Big Mac. It definitely isn’t for poor men.
  • Hack their menu to explore different tastes. It is said, You don’t know what you are missing until you have it. So order it, taste it, and you’ll know what you were missing.
  • They encourage creativity. Don’t just be aloof with what you eat. Instead, mix that menu up, come up with something new, and you’ll know what best fits you.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Vs. McDonald’s $5 Meal Of The Day

FeatureMcDonald’s Secret MenuMcDonald's $5 Meal Of The Day
PriceSecret menu items have varied prices. McGangBang will cost you $2, while the monster mac will go for about $7.The special meal of the day will go for a fixed price, $5.
ReliabilitySecret Menu items have stood the test of time. Based on their popularity, some McDonald's restaurants may include some of them in their main menu in the near future.Just like all-day breakfast, the $5 meal of the day may be removed from the menu anytime. It's a special offer that is likely to have an expiry date.
The Range Of Menu ItemsAs you can see from the above examples, the secret menu items are many. You can choose from the lists what best fits your taste and pocket. There are limited items on the $5 menu of the day. You can choose from Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish with 10 pc. Chicken McNuggets, or Chicken Sandwich. Their menu will tell you what is offered.
AvailabilityYou'll find the secret menu items in almost all the restaurants in the country. You'll find them in many other countries as well. Since McDonald's restaurants are franchises, not all the restaurants have the $5 meal of the day menu. It's up to the management to decide whether to place it on the menu or not.

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McDonald’s Secret Menu FAQ

To Sum Up

There’s more to the menu than what meets the eye. The menu can be your guideline rather than the absolute if you decide so. So go to that man behind the counter, make a rapport, and create a new McDonald’s secret menu worth tasting for us.

Be sure to take share a photo of the same on social media. You’ll get followers, views, and the secret item will be a secret no more.

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