McDonald’s Wi-Fi is a free internet connection offered by McDonald’s restaurants. It is provided by AT&T, a telecommunication company, and gives free internet access to its customers. The Wi-Fi speed exceeds 6Mbps as most sites operate in Gigahertz frequency.

Mcdonalds Free wi fi internet access allows you to catch up with some work for as long as your device is within the range of the network.

Connecting to McDonald’s free Wi Fi is not a big deal. You open your device’s Wi Fi settings and agree to the terms and conditions. However, insecurity is a concern to any public WiFi as wel ass Mcdonald’s wifi.

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mcdonalds wifi

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McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi Connect with A Laptop

Connecting to McDonald’s WiFi access does not need exceptional login credentials. You only need to accept the agreement terms on wifi sign-in page and enjoy the free internet connection.

Disconnecting the VPN enables you to connect to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi. It would help if you were within the range to connect to the network. If you have trouble connecting, confirm ‘McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi.’ Also, check whether your VPN is off.

You can connect to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi at any of the 14000 different locations.

Free McDonald’s wi fi internet can connect to smartphones, laptops, or iPhones. If you are using a computer, here is a guideline on how to join:

Step 1

First, ensure you are within the McDonald’s restaurant. Begin by selecting the Wi-Fi icon at the right side of the taskbar on your laptop. You will get a better wifi connection and a stronger internet connection.

Step 2

All the available networks will appear on the screen. Select McDonald’s free Wi Fi hotspot from the network name list.

Step 3

Connect button will appear, requiring you to connect. Click to connect.

Step 4

When it connects to the free Mcdonalds wifi hotspot, the browser on your laptop opens McDonald’s internet service sign-in web page with terms. Click the ‘Get connected’ button at the top right corner of the web page.

Step 5

A message pops up at the top saying, ‘You are connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi. Enjoy!’ You are now free to catch up with some work on your browser as long as you need.

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McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi Connect with An Android Device

You can also get an internet connection using your android mobile device. The steps are pretty simple and do not need login credentials. Once you have an android phone, you can get a free internet connection. It would help if you took precautions while accessing the free internet. Follow these steps to connect to an android device.

Step 1

On your android phone, go to your phone’s settings icon and select Wi-Fi. Click to turn the Wi-Fi on.

Step 2

At this point, all the available networks will appear on the screen-Select McDonald’s free Wi Fi hotspot among the available networks.

Step 3

When you press to connect, a status appears on the name of the Wi-Fi, showing you are connected.

Step 4

While the Wi-Fi is still on, go to your mobile browser. It will open McDonald’s free Wi-Fi web page immediately.

Step 5

Click the ‘Get connected’ red button at the top right corner of the web page to connect to the network. A message appears saying, ‘You are connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi. Enjoy!’

Go ahead and browse anything as long as you want.

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McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi Connect with An iOS Device

Those using an iPhone can as well connect to the free internet connection. Even though it provides a warning to show that the free internet is not secure, you can go ahead and join. You can also use a VPN through speedify, which improves the privacy and security of your files. Also, update your phone to prevent viruses from damaging your files. Here is a step by step guide on how to connect McDonald’s free Wi-Fi on your iPhone:

Step 1

Go to your phone’s settings icon and click Wi-Fi to turn it on.

Step 2

Select McDonald’s free Wi-Fi among the networks available. The selected network will then move to the top with unsecured status.

Step 3

Click Connect to get access to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi. A status appears at the top, indicating ‘connected.’

Step 4

Open your phone’s browser while the Wi-Fi is still on. It will open the McDonald’s free Wi-Fi web page immediately.

Step 5

Click the ‘Get connected’ red button at the top right corner of the web page. Start browsing when you see the message of successful connection at the top.

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Mcdonalds Free Wi-Fi Speed Test

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Safety Precautions While Connecting McDonald’s Free Public Wi-Fi Network

  • Do not access sites that ask for sensitive information-for example, credit card data, online shopping, or your bank details.
  • Ensure you verify a legitimate wireless connection. Malicious users could have set them up to invade your personal information.
  • Use a Private Virtual Network (VPN). VPN helps by encrypting your data while using a public network. This prevents cybercriminals from accessing your data.
  • It would help if you considered using your mobile phone instead of a laptop, especially when accessing online banking. Also, online shopping or accessing your social media sites.
  • Protect your device from virus attacks by ensuring it is updated.
  • Pay attention to warnings while accessing certain websites.
  • Avoid staying signed in to the network. Be sure to log out when not using the free internet.
  • Ensure your device does not automatically connect to any internet network. Adjust your device’s Wi-Fi settings to prevent it from connecting automatically.
  • Make sure you use HTTPS while browsing. HTTPS encrypts your connection; hence you don’t have to worry about cyber-attacks. Use browser add-ons or plug-ins to encrypts data on popular websites that are not encrypted.
  • Avoid using an Airdrop or File sharing while on free WIFI. You should only trust networks that you know of.

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Troubleshoot Mcdonald’s WiFi Connect Issue

  • Confirm whether you selected the right network, McDonald’s free Wi-Fi. Also, agree with the terms and conditions to get free internet access.
  • Some free internet may fail to connect if you use a Virtual Private Network. It would help if you considered turning it off to connect to McDonald’s free internet connection.
  • Sometimes a network may fail to connect when you don’t follow the terms on a captive portal. A captive portal is a web page that requires you to take some actions. And by doing so, you can access the free Wi-Fi. If you disagree with the terms and conditions, you cannot access the network.
  • If you are having login page issues, you can restart your device. You can also disable pop-up blocking or flush the DNS cache, then try connecting once again.
  • Sometimes distance matters in Wi-Fi. If you are trying to connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi and are a bit far from the restaurant, try coming closer to the hotel.
  • Yet another problem can be that your network adapter may be out of date. You need to update your software drivers to connect to a network.
  • Get help from a McDonald’s restaurant employee!

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Will Mcdonald’s Kick Me Out For Not Buying Food And Using Wi-Fi, Even Though You Are Not Busy?

Free Wi-Fi means you want more customers in their business. McDonald’s restaurants will not kick you out for using their Wi-Fi for free even though they have a right to.

Your behavior around the place will determine whether they will kick you out or not. If you sit there for long and do not order anything yet, the site is complete, and they can kick you out. This is to pave the way for potential customers who are willing to buy their food or drinks.

It is also not moral to use free Wi-Fi, especially those belonging to a business, daily and not buy their food.

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To Sum Up

To get Mcdonald’s Free Wifi, all you have to do is show up with your laptop or wireless device and you can get online for free. They even have an area set aside just for kids so they can learn some internet safety tips.

McDonald’s wifi network has become so popular, it is being offered in other countries besides the United States. Why? Simply because people love the free wifi access. You see, when people dine at McDonald’s they often have a difficult time finishing their meals. This is especially true for kids. Therefore, what McDonald’s does (besides serving great food) is offering its customers an “escape” from their everyday stresses by using the free wifi connection at one of its locations.

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