Sonic happy hour is the time when the prices of the drinks, slushes, and some shakes have been halved at most Sonic restaurants. Sonic Drive In happy hour happens between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM, you can get half price drinks and slushes and hot dogs for $0.99 only. You can get the Sonic Happy Houe offers at any time when you use the Sonic Drive In App to order. If you visit any Sonic Drive-In within this time limit you are assured to spend only a few bucks on drinks and slushes.

This said, what better time for you to go for that cherry limeade if not 2:30 PM? There are lots of other drinks on the happy hour menu.

Read along or just scroll to the happy hour menu if you’re in a hurry. You can even combine some drinks and explore different tastes, Sonic allows it.

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Sonic Happy Hour Time

sonic happy hour
DaySonic Happy Hour Starting TimeSonic Happy Hour Closing Time
Monday2:00 PM4:00 PM
Tuesday2:00 PM4:00 PM
Wednesday2:00 PM4:00 PM
Thursday2:00 PM4:00 PM
Friday2:00 PM4:00 PM
Saturday2:00 PM4:00 PM
Sunday2:00 PM4:00 PM

Sonic has made it easy for you. When the clock ticks 2:00 PM, the prices of the items on the Sonic happy hour will automatically drop halfway.

All that is required of you is just to order and the same will be reflected on your bill. At exactly 4:00 PM, the regular prices switch back on.

You better check on your time else you’ll be disappointed if not stranded at the counter if your budget is fixed. The same is the case when you use the Sonic drive-in app to order, only that when you use the app, there’re no time limits.

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Sonic Happy Hour Menu Specials

Sonic Happy Hour got you covered with lots of drinks and slushes to cool you down at half the regular price. If you visit any Sonic fast-food restaurant from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, you’ll be assured to get most of these menu items at the said price.

  • Lemonades and Limeades
  • Slushes
  • Real Fruit Slushes
  • Iced Teas
  • Corn Dogs
  • Soft Drinks
Sonic Happy Hour Menu ItemRegular Price USD ($)Sonic Happy Hour Price USD ($)
Signature Limeade1.992.00
Candy Slushes2.491.25
Real Fruit Slushes2.391.40
Sonic sweet Iced Tea2.191.10
Soft Drinks (medium)2.691.35
Ocean water (medium)1.791.40
Famous slushes1.991.00
Corn dog1.290.99

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Lemonades and Limeades

I doubt there’s any Sonic Happy Hour fan who hasn’t tasted Sonic cherry limeades. Limeades are most loved among the Happy hour items. They come in various brands. It’s up to you to choose the one that will save the day.

On regular hours, limeades cost $2.59, half that to get the Happy Hour price. $1.30! The price of Limeade during the happy hours, even better, this price still stands anytime you use the Sonic drive-in app to order. Apart from the limeade, there are various limeade brands that you’ll get at $1.30 during happy hours. This is including;

  1. Cherry Limeade
  2. Strawberry limeade
  3. Cranberry Limeade
  4. Diet Cherry Limeade
  5. Diet Limeade
  6. Low-calorie limeade
  7. Apple limeade

Any of these at $1.30. Cherry limeade is definitely the king among all happy hour items. If you’ve tasted it you won’t argue on that.

Limeades have 490 calories in a single serving and no fibers.

Closely related to limeades are lemonades. Yes, lemonades are also on the sonic happy hour offer. You’ll get any natural lemonade at half price during Happy hour time. In addition, you can also get diet lemonade at half the price during this time.

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Sonic is the best place to go if you are craving limeade or slushes. They’ve got you covered with different slushes with the best quality. To top it off, Sonic’s happy hour offers of half prices will see to it that you drink more for less.

For example, the famous medium-sized candy slushes are priced at $2.49 on the main menu while the happy hour price for the same is $1.25. These items will not miss the most famous slushes at sonics; Cherry slushes.

Even better, when you order with the Sonic app at any time, You’ll pay $1.25 instead of the regular.

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Real Fruit Slushes

The Sonic happy hour price of Real fruit slushes is $1.50. This is halved from $2.99, the regular price.

Just like limeades, real fruit slushes come in different brands. Some of these, which are on the Sonic Happy Hour menu, includes:

  • Cherry lemonade slush
  • Limeade slush
  • Lemonade slush
  • Strawberry slush
  • Pineapple slush

On average, real fruit slushes have 290 calories.

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Iced Teas

So, you are neither a fan of slushes nor limeades or having them every day is tiring you down and you just want to try something different? Iced tea is that ‘something different’.

The famous Sonic sweet iced tea consists of Sonic’s ice and sweet tea as the main ingredients. There are other ‘minor’ inputs that add some nutritional value to the drink.

Sonic sweet iced tea has 310 calories.

The bad news is, you won’t find the sonic mini size and cold brew iced coffee with the happy hour offer.

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Corn Dogs

Did I say the Happy hour is just about drinks, lemonades and limeades, and slushes? Forgive me if I did, because it’s far from that. We also have corn dogs for half the price. Sonic uses pork, beef, and not forgetting turkey to make their corn dogs.

Besides being part of happy hour offers, corn dogs are also found on everyday deals. They are priced at $1.29 on everyday deals. Even better is to go for the happy hour deal. It will only cost you a buck ($1) or should I be specific, $0.99!

Other snacks that will cost you a buck during Sonic happy hour are french fries, hamburgers, onion rings, Jr breakfast burrito, and hot dogs.

A single serving of corn dogs has 232 calories.

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Soft Drinks

As the norm has it, Sonic’s happy hour is not complete without soft drinks. Sonic got you covered with half-priced different brands of soft drinks. So, if you are craving those favorite Sonic tots, remember you can always have some half-priced soft drinks to go with them during happy hour times.

Some of the soft drinks offered at Sonic is including;

  • Coca-cola
  • Zero-sugar coca cola
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Big red
  • Sprite
  • Sprite zero
  • Fanta
  • Fanta Orange
  • Powerade

among others. On average, a soft drink will have about 147 calories.

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What Is Sonic Happy Hour

Sonic is an American-based chain of fast-food restaurants. As of 2022, Sonic has over 3,552 restaurants in 46 states of the USA. According to, Texas has the highest number of Sonic restaurants, 963 locations! You’ll find a Sonic drive-in restaurant in every city of Texas.

Sonic is known for many different offers that it provides for its customers. Talk of Sonic Bogo promo code, $2.99 Carhop Classic, 50% off patty melts, 10% off Sonic Coupons and specials, all-day breakfast, you name it. Let’s leave these small deals and talk of the real deal of the day, Sonic Happy Hour. If you’ve visited any Sonic restaurant between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM you definitely know of Sonic happy hour.

Sonic happy hour is not a new term to most of us, it’s been there for over a decade. Back in the 2010s, the Sonic happy hour menu was offered at limited locations. Back then, only a few drinks and slushes were on this special offer menu. Over the years, most Sonic restaurants incorporated this tradition and to date, almost all Sonic restaurants in the 46 states of the US have happy hour deals. Items on the menu have also grown. You’ll get limeades, slushes, real fruit slushes, corn dogs, iced teas, soft drinks, sonic splash, and ocean water.

Today, while taking your child home from school, or the scorching summer sun has worn you down, take a detour to the nearest Sonic and have some slushes for some refreshments, and spend half the original price. If you’re no fan of slushes, there are also limeades and other drinks.

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Sonic Happy Hour FAQ

To Sum Up

Sonic Happy Hour can be your excuse for treating yourself with refreshing drinks, slushes, and shakes at half price. Moreover, you can enjoy their $0.99 hot dog and other snacks at the deal price. Want to get the half price all day? Use Sonic drive in mobile app and enjoy.

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