Wendy’s serves lunch at 10:30 AM every day. However, this might change during holiday hours.

DayWendy's Lunch Hours Starting TimeWendy's Lunch Hours Closing Time
Monday10:30 AM12:00 AM or Until Closing Time
Tuesday10:30 AM12:00 AM or Until Closing Time
Wednesday10:30 AM12:00 AM or Until Closing Time
Thursday10:30 AM12:00 AM or Until Closing Time
Friday10:30 AM12:00 AM or Until Closing Time
Saturday10:30 AM12:00 AM or Until Closing Time
Sunday10:30 AM12:00 AM or Until Closing Time

Find out what time does wendy’s stop serving breakfast here.

What Time Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch

So, let’s just say you are craving Wendy’s favorite menu, and it’s still 6 in the morning, can you have them there and then?

what time does wendy's serve lunch

Unfortunately, you can’t. Wendy’s does not serve lunch menu in the morning, not as early as 6:00 AM anyway. You can however wait till 6:30 AM, wendy’s breakfast hours, and go get that breakfast Baconator.

Wendy’s Lunch Hours Menu

Here is the list of the Menu Items that you’ll find at the nearest Wendy’s. The price may slightly vary from your nearest Wendy’s restaurant.

For the full menu, you can visit any nearest Wendy’s. We’ll just tell you what is popular and hope it will do for you too.

ItemPrice USD ($)Calories
Baconator$6.89 970 Cal.
Son of Baconator$5.29 660 Cal.
Big Bacon Cheddar$5.89 810 Cal.
Dave's Single Cheeseburger$4.49 590 Cal.
Dave's Double Cheeseburger$5.49 860 Cal.
Dave's Triple Cheeseburger$6.49 1090 Cal.
Big Bacon Classic$5.59 650 Cal.
Bourbon Bacon$5.59 710 Cal.
Jr Cheeseburger$1.99 310 Cal.
Hamburger Kids Meal$3.89 250 Cal.
Spicy Chicken$5.09 500 Cal.
Classic chicken$5.09 490 Cal.
Asiago Ranch Chicken club$6.19 630 Cal.
Ultimate Chicken Grill$5.19 404 Cal.
Grilled Chicken Wrap$5.19 279 Cal.
10pc Chicken Nuggets$7.29 420 Cal.
6pc. Spicy Chicken Nuggets$2.79 280 Cal.
4pc. Chicken Nuggets$1.89 190 Cal.
Baconator Fries$3.79 490 Cal.
Fries (Small)$1.99 340 Cal.
Fries (medium)$2.39 427 Cal.
Fries (Large)$2.79 553 Cal.
Sour Cream & Chives Potato$2.79 310 Cal.
Bacon and cheese baked potato$3.79 440 Cal.
Chilli (small)$2.79 180 Cal.

When we talk of the biggest fast food chain restaurants, Wendy’s cannot be left out. It’s got the history and the numbers in every aspect that we can check. Since its birth in 1969 by Dave Thomas, Wendy’s has been making great contributions and discoveries that help better your experience with fast-food restaurants. It’s even believed to be the first to introduce drive-throughs in fast-food restaurants.

Today we see dollar menu item in most fast food chain restaurants, most credit goes to Wendy’s. Back in the late 80s, they had a menu that went for only $0.99. Years later, McDonald’s and other giants incorporated this and branded it the ‘dollar menu’.

Today, Wendy’s has many lunch menu options for you. Being the big company that it is, they have just everything that you’ll need for lunch hours. Let’s get an overview of what you should expect to get on Wendys menu.

Dave’s Hot and Juicy Cheeseburgers. Just as the name has it, they are hot and juicy and they’ve got lots of cheese. You’ll get these burgers in different sizes, yes, they cost differently also. There’s also their iconic Baconator. Quite a name they gave it and for a good reason.

If burgers won’t do for you, they also have sandwiches and nuggets, everyone loves nuggets. To top it up, there are Fries and sides. Make sure those fries are hot and crispy, if they aren’t, have them replace them. But we’re sure they will be.

Pros Of Wendy’s Lunch Hours

  • Wendy’s has the Iconic Baconator
  • Awesome Rewards
  • Wendy’s got the best Sides and Desserts
  • Never Frozen beef
  • Healthy Meals

Wendy’s has the Iconic Baconator

If you’re still wondering the best meal that you can have at Wendy’s, here you have it, Dave’s Baconator. Just like any other restaurant has its strong selling menus, Wendy’s has got the 100% beef Baconator. This giant sandwich has got not one but two beef patties with three whopping slices of smoked bacon. Talk of a beefy sandwich with lots of protein.

That’s not all you’ll find in the Baconator. You’ll also get 2 American cheese slices sandwiched between the beef patties and the bacon. Add Mayos and ketchup and wrap everything in Wendy’s buns. Everything about the Baconator is just delicious. You definitely want to taste it if you’re among the unlucky few who are yet to.

Awesome Rewards

While other restaurants are trying hard to give special offers on a limited hours basis, Wendy’s got Wendy’s Reward app. If you’re up to putting Wendy’s on a test, make sure to download this app. It’s got thousands of downloads! Crazy isn’t it? It’s like everybody loves Wendy’s. But why this app?

For every dollar you spend at Wendy’s, you get 10 reward points. Yes, 10 points for a dollar! If you’ve amassed enough points, you can then redeem them for meals at Wendy’s, Just like you do with your credit cards. This app also allows you to order online among other awesome features.

Tell us of any other fast-food restaurant that will award you 10 points for every dollar you spend there coz we really can’t think of one.

Wendy’s got the best Sides and Desserts

Have you heard of Dave’s chili? If you Haven’t, then you’re definitely not a Wendy’s fan. It’s also very healthy with fewer calories, not to mention it’s cheap. Besides chili, Wendy’s also has different sides and desserts that have made the news.

Talk of Wendy’s Frosty. It’s not only famous in the US but also internationally, especially in the Philippines, they love it. This signature dessert dates back to the ’60s and comes in different brands. Vanilla frosty is our favorite. You should try it.

Never Frozen beef

Unlike other fast-food restaurants who lie to the public about their menu when in the background a lot is happening, Wendy’s truly uses the never frozen beef. Employees who’ve worked at Wendy’s before have confirmed it on Reddit. One of the employees commented, “Yes, the burger patties never see the inside of the freezer”.

Many others confirmed it so, and we have no reason to refute it. Not when their beef burgers are as tasty as a burger can be. We think this is one of the reasons why their Baconator is very tasty.

Well, if you like your beef fresh, Wendy’s is the best destination. They’ve been providing fresh beef since the late 60s. They have decades of experience that McDonald’s or other fast-food restaurants will never beat.

Healthy Meals

I believe any company based on providing food should first consider the health status. Wendy’s is trying in this respect. They have different menu options that are very healthy. This is including; the Jr Cheeseburger, Jr Hamburger deluxe, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, chili, and others.

Most Wendy’s menus also have fewer calories. The hamburger kids meal has only 250 calories, what better to order for your kids, you too can try it.

Besides the healthy meals, Wendy’s also has clean environments. Their kitchen is kept under high hygienic conditions. Their restaurants’ layout also gives you the best dining experience. Plus they are very spacious.

Cons Of Wendy’s Lunch Hours

  • Their Fish Sandwich is a no-go-zone
  • Their Chili may not be the best option
  • They have unhealthy meals

Their Fish Sandwich is a no-go-zone

Wendy’s offers Fish sandwiches on a seasonal basis. You may not find it most of the time you go there but if you do, choose something else. Many Wendy’s employees on Reddit tell us not to go for the Fish sandwich.

When it pops up on their menu, this sandwich normally lacks fans. Without customers, what happens is the stock will stay at the restaurants for weeks or even months! Anytime you order a Fish Sandwich at Wendy’s, you risk eating weeks-old if not the months-old fish sandwich. I wouldn’t do it if I were you.

Their Chili may not be the best option

Although Wendy’s chili is very popular, it’s also got many controversial stories behind it. There are many youtube videos telling you not to choose Wendy’s chili, but let’s ignore youtube and go for Reddit instead.

Most Wendy’s employees on Reddit advise us not to pick on chili. It’s said that the leftover meat is what they use to make it which kind of makes sense, I mean where does the remaining beef go if they offer never frozen beef every day? This seems like the only answer. Besides leftover beef, other ingredients that this Wendy’s employee talks of just sucks.

They have unhealthy meals

When we talk of unhealthy meals, salads top the list. Salads have too many calories which dietitians advise us against. When you order salads at early lunch hours, you also risk eating the previous days’ salad. One of their employees said this on Reddit. The best time for you to order should be after 12:30 PM.

Salads aside, Wendy’s also has other unhealthy menu options. These include their Triple Cheeseburger which has a whopping 1090 calories, the chili cheese fries, Frosty cookie sundae, among others.

Wendy’s Lunch Hours FAQ

To Sum Up

Wendy’s serves lunch at 10:30 AM every day even on Saturdays and Sundays. However, they serve their iconic Baconator in breakfast (lighter though) and lunch both hours.

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