Yes, McDonald’s takes apple pay along with PayWave by Visa, Softcard NFC, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. You can pay using your apple watch, iPhone or any other apple pay enabled device to pay in Mcdonald’s restaurant and McDonald’s mobile app.

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Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay

A lot is happening behind the scenes when you foot the bill at McDonald’s using apple pay. In simple language, here is what goes on.

does mcdonalds take apple pay

First, McDonald’s and Apple inc entered into a contract, Apple Pay allowed McDonald’s to add their Tech into its system, while McDonald’s allowed their customers to use Apple Pay to foot the bill.

So, when you pay at McDonald’s with Apple Pay, their Cashier machine, your Apple pay App, and the default bank account you’ve linked with Apple pay will communicate.

Apple Pay will check if you’ve entered the right password and if have enough funds in your linked bank or credit account. When these two conditions are met, the required money will be transferred from your bank account to McDonald’s account through Apple Pay cash.

Call Apple Pay a broker if you wish.

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How to Pay McDonald’s Restaurant Using Apple Pay Wallet

Yesterday, as I was about to pay at the Rock N Roll McDonald’s, there’s this customer, Russell, who was stuck. He had just finished eating and wanted to pay in cash but he forgot his wallet on the desk at his Workplace. I reached out to him, introduced him to Apple Pay inside McDonald’s, and minutes later he not only had a functional Apple Pay installed, but he also knew how to use it.

Required Tools:

– Apple Watch, iPhone or any other NFC enabled Apple device.

Things Needed?

– Apple pay wallet.
– A bank account or a credit or a debit card connected to apple pay wallet.

Step By Step Guide:

Launch Apple Pay wallet app

With Rusell’s iPhone X, he quickly double-clicked on the right-side button and we were good to start. This should work on your iPhone too. If you are yet to add a credit or debit card to your apple wallet, do this, Open the Wallet app, tap on the plus sign(+) on the top right side of your iPhone. Scan your credit or debit card with your camera or manually input your card details.

Pay Using Apple Pay

You must prove that the phone is yours by entering your password, using your fingerprint, Face Unlock, or manually inputting your password. Whichever way you see fit. (I advise you to only use the fingerprint of face unlock. Read on to find out Why). Then hold your phone closer to the Payment machine until you hear a beep sound. That’s all! Just a 5-second procedure!

YouTube video

You can use McDonald’s free wifi to connect internet from your phone or gadget and pay using apple pay or any other accepted mobile wallet. Here’s my guide to McDonald’s WiFi.

How To Pay Via Apple Pay In McDonald’s App

If you have Apple Pay with a valid credit/debit card set up and McDonald’s app set up on your phone, you can pay for any McDelivery with Apple Pay. This is how you do it.

  1. Download McDonald’s app from the app store and sign in.
  2. Then choose the Mcdonald’s restaurant that is nearest to you.
  3. Go to the food cart and choose whatever you think fits you.
  4. Then head to the shopping cart and choose what you want to order.
  5. Answer any question/information they need and proceed to payment.
  6. Then choose Apple Pay as the means of payment and finish the transaction.

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Safety Precautions While Paying At McDonald’s Using Apple Pay

Using Apple Cash to foot the bill should be safe anywhere. Unfortunately, there’s no absolute safety with technology. You’ve got to play your part to ensure your money is safe. Here are some precautions you should take.

  • Keep Your PIN to Yourself
  • Use Your Face/ Finger To Unlock Your Phone
  • In Case You Need Help, Seek It From A Trusted Person

Keep Your PIN to Yourself

The PIN is the abbreviation of Personal Identification Number. Let it remain so, Personal. No one has the right to ask for it. Anyone asking for it should be a fraud.

Apart from asking for it, someone may eye you as you input it. Be vigilant for this type of people.

If someone, either your friend or parent has entrusted you with their phone to make the payments with, you can’t use your fingerprint or face as the password, so while you write the password, try being private, without showing it.

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Use Your Face/ Finger To Unlock Your Phone

If you are the owner of the phone, you should prioritize using your finger or face when prompted to put the password. This will minimize the risk of your password reaching ‘Hyenas’ eyes.

This shouldn’t be a problem for anyone so long as your phone’s fingerprint software has no problem. Besides, it’s faster when you use your fingerprint.

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In Case You Need Help, Seek It From A Trusted Person

When dealing with electronics, anything can go wrong. It’s natural to seek help from anyone nearby when caught in such a predicament. Aim to seek help from a trusted person.

What if you don’t know anyone around?

You can ask an employee at the McDonald’s restaurant. If you’ve been helped by an employee and anything not supposed to happen happens, it will be easier to track them down.

You are the number one safety feature when it comes to your money. Know whom to trust with your secret information, if possible trust yourself and no one else.

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Alternative Digital Payment Options At McDonald’s Restaurants

  • Visa
  • MasterCard Debit Or Credit Card
  • American Express Debit Or Credit Card
  • Discover Debit Or Credit Card
  • Softcard Payment


Provided you have enough money in your Visa, you can foot the bill at any McDonald’s restaurant in the world. You can pay with Visa inside the restaurants or at the drive-throughs.

McDonald’s also allows Visa Gift Cards. Nothing should go wrong if you’ve loaded it with enough funds.

Let’s not forget Visa payWave. Yes, McDonald’s allows it.

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MasterCard debit or credit card

McDonald’s restaurants will allow payment with MasterCard. Remember the MasterCard-McDonald’s campaigns in Georgia in 2019? The participants won lots of free sandwiches.

American Express debit or credit card

McDonald’s also accepts payments with (American Express) Amex. Whether you are in the restaurant, at the drive-through, or ordering a McDelivery, you can use Amex to pay.

Discover debit or credit card

Discover card is another credit card accepted at McDonald’s. You can also use Discover at the McDonald’s drive-through as a payment method.

Softcard Payment

McDonald’s also accepts soft card NFC payments. While those with iOS devices use Apple Pay, the ones having android can use Softcard.

I hope you know you can link any of the above credit cards with Apple Pay. You can then use apple pay to settle your bill. In a way, you’ll be indirectly using them to foot the bill. What can I say, the whole world is connected.

You are provided with various payment options at McDonald’s, it’s up to you to choose which one to use.

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Using Mobile Wallet Vs. Credit Card At McDonald’s Restaurants

Statistics show that most customers prefer mobile wallet payments over Credit cards. This is why:

  • Mobile Wallets Are Much Secure
  • Mobile Wallets Are Faster
  • Mobile Wallets Are Much Convenient
  • Everything Credit Card Offers Is On Mobile Wallet And More

Mobile Wallets Are Much Secure

I don’t know about you, but for me, the best payment method is one with the highest guarantee of the safety of my funds. So far so good, the Mobile wallet has guaranteed me this.

With Mobile Wallet, your data is protected by strong encryptions. Your credit/debit card details are not shared with the other party. They are not even displayed anywhere for anyone to see except you.

This does not however mean that your credit card is not encrypted. It is encrypted, yes, but useful information is written on it. Any skilled person can use this information to hack your account.

Mobile Wallets Are Faster

How long do you take to finish payment through Mobile Wallet? On average, I use 4 seconds to make my parents at any shop.

As the cashier is processing my order, I ready myself, enter my password, and when I hear my bill, I bring my phone near. Everything settled just like that! What about you?

Mobile Wallets Are Much Convenient

Today, we go almost everywhere with our phones. You may forget your wallet at home but your phone.

How many times have you been out not expecting to buy anything but your eyes proved you wrong? You don’t have to carry your credit card everywhere just because of this. Your phone is all it takes. Every transaction in the palm of your hand.

Everything Credit Card Offers Is On Mobile Wallet And More

What a credit card can do, Mobile Wallet will do better.

A Mobile Wallet is your credit card on a phone. All services that credit cards offer, Mobile Wallets offer them too, only faster.

Mobile Wallet allows you to transfer money to your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone you’d wish to. This you will do in seconds and from anywhere you.

You can order anything online and pay with Mobile Wallet, provided the site allows your payment mode. Just be careful not to be a spendthrift.

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Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay FAQ

To Sum Up

Yes, McDonald’s does take Apple Pay cash and you can also use other digital payment options like Visa PayWave and even Softcard NFC along with your Mastercard, American Express, Visa, Discover, or other debit and credit cards.

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